Meet The ShipShape Crew

Jonny Marler President
Jonny has always been around water. He has sailed his entire life starting on his father’s trimaran with his two brothers. In high school Jonny sailed on the tall ship, The S/V Concordia from Puerto Rico, through the Panama Canal, around Cape Horn to Africa, back to Brazil, and up the North American coast to Montreal via the St. Lawrence River. It was then that Jonny earned his Level III Advanced Celestial Navigation and the highest credits in tall ships sailing. Later, Jonny ventured out to sea again with his father’s Trimaran sailing from Toronto to Panama City with two friends. It was his love for the water that motivated him to start a boat cleaning company in the Toronto Harbour in 2005. It grew to servicing and repairing boats all over Greater Toronto. His crew went from one to five employees in the first year and he has never looked back. The company now has 10 employees that can service and refit power, sail and commercial boats. Jonny looks forward to making boaters lives more enjoyable throughout Lake Ontario.
Ziggy Neiewiadomski Electrician
Ziggy has been with ShipShape from day one. His experience with marine electrical and support system is second to none. Born in Poland, Ziggy started as an electrician in Poland at the age of 18. He graduated from the Poland Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Ziggy started working on commercial boats when he was finished in the Army.
Gabriel Giraldo Finish Carpenter
Gabe is a finish carpenter hailing from Colombia where he started as a kitchen cabinet maker. Gabe moved to the United States in 1999 working on high-end kitchens and houses in Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. His love was always for yachts and he came to Canada in 2003 when Neptunus Yachts offered him the position to head up the carpentry division. In 2008, Gabe joined ShipShape as a finish carpenter.
Adriano Ponsaran Fiberglass and Paint Spectialist